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Use public transport -urges CE to fans attending derby match!

 Sowetolife Mag Online: With the bucket rain weather like this, will the game go ahead?

Jacques Grobbelaar: Yes. The game will go ahead. The only time it could be called off, is when there are lightning strikes and, PSL applying its own discretion. But from us as the stadium management, we’re ready to roll.

SLM: How effective are the drainage systems?

 JG: Our drainage systems are one of the best in the country and are fully functional to handle unfavourable conditions.

 SLM: Will the pitch be in good standard for the game, if it, does go ahead?

 JG: Fortunately, we use clay soil not sand as would be on other pitches. That’s the technical answer I could give. Yes, our pitch has, and will be always be ready for any match.

 SLM: How many tickets have been confirmed sold out?

 JG: Honestly, we’re looking at 85 000 thus far. But that could increase as a result of hospitality tickets which are also selling fast.

 SLM: What messages(s) would SMSA like disseminate to the fans/hawkers as preparatory to the game?

 JG: Come early to avoid being stuck in traffic. As for hawkers they won’t be allowed in the stadia. Security as always, will be out in full force- both in uniform and private.

 SLM: With the huge traffic volumes anticipated what kind of control systems will be activated?

JG: We urge fans to use public transport. In partnership with our stakeholders such JMPD, Transport Dpt, Rea Vaya and taxi organizations, and other public transport structures, we strongly urge our fans to utilise all public transport which has been made available.

This will help to reduce unnecessary traffic congestion and uncalled for road-blocks which the fans are complaining about.



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