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CoJ ready to supply own electricity

THE CITY of Johannesburg and Eskom have finally signed the much-anticipated memorandum of understanding (MOU) to kick-start planning for the takeover of power supply areas by Eskom in the municipality.

CoJ ready to supply own electricity

The MOU, which was signed on Wednesday evening, 13 October, will see the City, through its municipal power utility, City Power, start planning the execution of the takeover of Eskom 14 supplied areas in Soweto and Sandton.

Speaking shortly before heading out to conduct oversight visits to sites where damaged mini substations are being replaced in Soweto to restore power supply after months of blackouts, Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Moerane described the signing of the MOU as “a great start towards implementing a long-term solution to power supply challenges in the City”.

“What remains now is for City Power and Eskom to explore in detail how the takeover from the national utility by our municipal entity can be best executed. Once these explored plans are finalised and agreed upon by all parties, then we will update Johannesburg residents on progress and timelines,” he said.

The signed MOU comes after the City also recently signed a new Power Purchase Agreement with the privately owned Kelvin Power Station to increase power supply capacity in Johannesburg.

City Power has since written a letter to Eskom requesting an exemption from Stage 1 and 2 loadshedding as a result.

Mayor Moerane said all these developments were the City’s bid to boost reliability of power supply in Johannesburg communities – adding that an alternative energy-mix of gas and solar were also currently being explored for the same objective.

Image (CoJ Mayor Mpho Moerane have begun talks to take-over electricity supply as the City).

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