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Former ‘Eishkom’ boss Brian Molefe takes aim at Gvt, as de Ruyter tells everyone who cares to listen- ‘I won’t resign’

ESKOM BOSS Andre de Ruyter has put it on record: ‘I won’t resign at my own accord’.

Former ‘Eishkom’ boss Brian Molefe takes aim at Gvt, as de Ruyter tells everyone who cares to listen- ‘I won’t resign’

He told reporters on Tuesday, during a virtual media brief, along his executive team, as he faces mounting pressure to resign and his board for failing the country as load-shedding continues.

“I will and can’t resign at my accord, because the board is the one with the final word. Since this is the case, the board has not informed me to tender my resignation,” says de Ruyter.

The Black Business Council has also called for his head and the board, according to Kgantsi Matabane.

But OUTA (organisation undoing tax abuse) seem to be singing from a different hymn as they solely blame government.

Former Eskom boss Brian Molefe says South Africa had enough baseload energy capacity but Eskom was not able to manage it properly.

“Demand for electricity on a day like this is 32 000MW. We have more capacity than we need and we are even building more and we can’t meet 32 000MW.

“As we are sitting here about 15 000MW is not available because of breakdowns. Why? Because the fleet is not maintained properly. The way we must fix this thing is that the CEO must be given a target of energy availability of 75%.

“If they can’t reach that target they must shift. We took it to 81% four years ago. We did it in six months. I arrived at Eskom in April 2015 and there was load shedding and on August 8 2015 load shedding stopped for a couple years. I think this is a management problem,” said Molefe.

He said the solution was not to sell Eskom, but to manage it better.

Molefe also said President Cyril Ramaphosa and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan should be blamed on the handling of the country’s energy crisis.

During last week when Eskom started stage 2 load shedding it said the reason was an incident in Zambia. Molefe questioned this incident, saying Eskom had not explained what it was.

He blamed the media and the public for not holding Eskom to account for exactly what the incident in Zambia was. He also decried the fact that the seven units that were supposed to return to service on Monday would now only return on Friday, and that there was no accountability for this.

“What incident in Zambia can cause load shedding in South Africa?” asked Molefe, adding that Eskom must explain this incident to the public.

He said during his time at Eskom there was no load shedding because the system was properly managed.

Today load-shedding has been lifted to Stage 3until Friday and according to de Ruyter, there will be no load-shedding for sometimes. Hard to believe though.

Image (Crocodile tears. Brian Molefe- former Eskom boss says selling the energy company is not a viable option).

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