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World’s favourite playground Sun City bags the coveted award AGAIN!

SUN CITY has once again won the bragging rights as Africa's Leading Family Resort.

World’s favourite playground Sun City bags the coveted award AGAIN!

This follows the affirmation by the World Travel Awards.

This world’s favourite playground outsmarted, outwitted and elbowed other 17 hopefuls globally at the awards recently.

Last month, I had the pleasure to be hosted at the resort and experienced new adrenaline-pumping activities -sans my partner -who was spoilt rotten at the spa massage. Yes, once you set your foot inside Sun City, one is spoilt for choice!

This augurs well for the resort as it opens the doors to the world, despite the Covid-19 outbreak, and being the very first hospitality company to erect a vaccination site in mzansi.

Brett Hoppé, Sun City’s General Manager said that as worldwide travel opened up, tourists were looking to book getaways at memorable destinations.

“Sun City is an experience for all ages, whether you are active and sporty, adventurous, hooked on nature or just enjoy relaxing by the pool. Sun City is truly a world within a city, suitable for families, couples or friends, “says the vivacious Hoppé.

The resort boasts four hotels, over 30 eateries, an award winning spa and a range of kids’ activities. Each hotel has its own individual character, restaurants and ambience.

According to the World Travel Awards, the dominant trend among travellers is for extra indulgence and a determination to book only with the very best.

“As a winner in the 2021 World Travel Awards, Sun City is proud to be among the ultimate global hallmark of tourism quality, and we hope that this accolade will mean that we attract even more guests to enjoy all we have to offer,” he said.

Sun City has been awarded at the World Travel Awards every year since 2001, some years with more than one award, including Africa’s Leading Casino Resort, Africa’s Leading Resort, South Africa’s Leading Resort, Africa’s Leading Conference Hotel and Africa’s Leading Family Resort, proving that South Africans have the best of the best right on their doorstep. 

With festive season upon us, families will be headed to ‘Sin-City’, a superlative commonly bantered around for reasons best known to them, for unwinding and letting the hair down.

Image (The award winning Sun City’s -Valley of Waves )

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