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Rhythm City and Scandal! hit by Coronavirus cases

THE RECORDING of weekly soapies Rhythm City and Scandal!has come to a halt due to Covid-19 cases.

Rhythm City and Scandal! hit by Coronavirus cases

This was confirmed by the channel e.TV today.

Both sets of the local production premises have been shut down and undertaking the necessary testing for exposed cast and crew members, read a media statement.

No names of individuals affected were released or how long will this affect the production.

The sets have undergone deep cleaning to further minimize the risk of contamination, in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. Affected individuals are currently undergoing self-isolation until the end of the stipulated 14-day period.

e.tv, Quizzical Pictures and Ochre Media will continue to monitor the health of affected employees.

Filming will resume when it is appropriate to do so.

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