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Telkom to visit Soweto as part of LTE connectivity education

TELKOM TEAM of LTE promoters to visit different parts of Soweto as part of connecting South Africans to access LET services.

Telkom to visit Soweto as part of LTE connectivity education

The visit in Soweto begins from February 17 2020.

Importantly Telkom wants to educate residents that access to connectivity is not complicated and does not require contracts or waiting for installation.

Through Telkom’s affordable, fast and reliable Pre-Paid LTE deals available; everyone can be connected at home and on the go. 

The telecoms company has urged Soweto residents to open their gates and doors to its sales team.

Over 60 promoters will be in the township of which some are residents of Soweto. They will be identifiable by their Telkom branded clothes and bicycles.

Residents are asked to request promoters to produce a letter from Telkom confirming their identity.

“While we will be going to different homes; we want to use this opportunity to stimulate customer relationships.

Our customers are important hence we also want to strengthen our relationship. We call upon all residents to be kind and open their doors to our LTE promoters,” says executive: Brand & Product Segments at Telkom.

The tour will criss-cross over the country.

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