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Zahara’s ‘Limbisa’ seeks to foster peace in our troubled land !

Despite her latest media shenanigans’ Zahara is to release her latest offering ‘Limbisa’.

Zahara’s ‘Limbisa’ seeks to foster peace in our troubled land !

Multi award winner Zahara’s latest offering ‘Limbisa’ preaches Xenophobic and Peace.

‘Limbisa’ is a Congo dialect meaning ‘forgive’ that has been receiving airplay across the country.
This is Zahara’s single taken off her 3 times platinum second album ‘Phendula’.
‘Limbisa’ is a redemption song about accepting each other despite our imperfections and differences. It’s about seeing beauty in human imperfection and choosing to co-exist and walk our path together.
The song will be a crowd favourite as it sees Zahara, sing in Swahili for the first time.
The multiple award winner features Tresor Riziki and produced by Robbie Malinga and Mjalefa “Mjakes” Thebe.
The video will be shot soon at SABC.
The main goal of the song is to show a unified Africa #WeAreOne, says Malinga.

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