Ace Magashule- is he going to defy the NEC to step aside?

That’s the resolution of the National Executive Council of the ANC’s meeting held this past weekend.

According President of ANC Cyril Ramaphosa, the resolution was that anyone, including Ace, must step aside.

“Ace Magashule and his supporters should “not even try” to defy an ANC NEC decision which gives him 30 days to vacate his office pending the outcome of charges against him,” says Ramaphosa.

Magashule is facing a litany of charges in court for alleged involvement in the asbestos project that failed in the Free State, whilst a Premier.

Ramaphosa also sent a strong warning to Radical Economic Transformation led by MKVA’s Carl Niehaus to be careful what they do, why and when?

Niehaus is employed in the office of ANC’s SG Magashule and both are becoming a ‘problem’ according to insiders.

The resolution by the NEC, means Ace and his cohorts cannot and will not change the outcome made by the party’s highest decision body to step aside in 30 days.

Following that resolution Ace’s backers are alleged to have threatened to step down en masse.

Ace has often reiterated that he will only step aside if branches, that nominated him, orders him to do so.

Because of the court proceedings Ace’s job (the engine of the ruling party) will now be delegated to his deputy Jessie Duarte.

Would Ace willingly step aside or he will be pushed, remains to be seen?

Image (Is Ace Magashule going to step aside or defy NEC)?

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