Ama-Lekkerlicious on offer at brandy fest

Well, after all brandy is one of the worlds finest and guys such as Kurt Schlechter make it more appealing with new inventions.

“What first started as a small, dedicated industry event has evolved into the ultimate showcase of this luxury product and the lifestyle surrounding it,” says Christelle Reade-Jahn, Director of the South African Brandy Foundation, organisers of the event.

“The young and trendy, sophisticates and connoisseurs are tuning in to the modern image of brandy and relishing the chance to explore South Africa’s internationally admired brandy industry at this über-glamorous annual event.”

Previously known as Fine Brandy fest, this year’s event celebrates its fifth edition, and according to the organisers, they look forward to an exciting, bigger and better three-day of mixologist and mixibility. Aha!

Over 300 whiskies will be going for tasting not consuming, as it would usually happen amongst certain groupies I know very well. So, I said it.

It hints at the array of delightful fusions used to create unique brandies as well as the fusions of cultures and styles it celebrates.

Brandy tasting comes in overwhelming success of the tutoring, and master classes initiated last year also sees the further expansion of the programme, under the auspices of Dave Hughes, a master distiller and international wine and spirits judge.

Here the cosmopolitan crowd of brandy aficionados and enthusiastic novices are sure to be enchanted by the refined, complex yet accessible drink that it is.

“Festival guests can get confirmation why no fewer than 13 local brandies have won the Worldwide Best Brandy trophy, including the past five years in succession,” says Dirk Conradie, Vice Chairman of Brandy Foundation. 

Few brandy die-hards we spoke to did confirm that, this year’s event would be ideal considering the issue of pricing and global economy which has impacted on alcohol, amongst others.

 It starts from 17h00 to 21h00 daily, and cost R195 which comes in handy with a brandy glass, beverage vouchers and a complimentary Nespresso voucher.

Tickets available from Computicket or at the door, and NO visitors under 18 years.

For further info visit:www.brandyfusion.co.za or Twitter BrandyFusion.


SOWETOLIFE MAGAZINE ONLINE & Brandy Foundation, will be giving away tickets to the brandy fest. Check it out for further details.





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