Avon supports the banning of rape and kill gaming in SA

Due to proportional rate of rape and killing of women and children in South Africa, the Film and Publication Board has made it unlawful for anyone to have access to such online gaming by shutting it down.

In its support one of the biggest direct-selling company in South Africa Avon, has welcomed the decision.

This follows a successful campaign by the 1000 Women’s Trust and nationwide outcry for the video game to be banned. 

The blockage by the FPB effectively means that South Africans will not be able to play or download the game in South Africa.

“We are touched by all the support we received,” says Tina Thiart, Director of the 1000 Women’s Trust.

“We believe that the next step in resolving this issue is to ensure that women are part of the committees that decide on internet content.
We want to acknowledge the special role that Avon played in strengthening our case and in amplifying our voice”.

“The blocking of the game in question is testament of what we can achieve when we stand together,” says Bridget Bhengu, Avon’s Corporate Communications Director.

“According to the Medical Research Council, only one in twenty-nine rape incidents are reported to the authorities.

This highlights the fact that the 120 000 cases that were reported over the last three fiscal years are just the tip of the iceberg. We therefore welcome the decisions by the FPB as this illustrates the seriousness of the issue of rape”.

Since 2010 Avon (that provides high quality beauty products for over 20 years’) has raised and donated over R8 million towards this cause, helping thousands of rape victims in the process.

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