BestMed has its eyes firmly on women and youth cycling!

Bestmed will not only increase its participation in the local sporting landscape by sponsoring seven cycling races, but will also support cycling development in the Eastern Cape. In addition, Bestmed will foster women’s’ sport through the sponsorship of the Bestmed Pro Cycling women’s team.

 However, cycling is not the only place Bestmed is a key player. The group is also the proud sponsor of the Bestmed Tuks marathon, the Eersterus marathon, Tuks Athletics and of Olympian LJ van Zyl.

 With AmaTuks now making waves in the Premier Soccer League, Bestmed is also proud to be the medical partner to these rising stars on the South African football scene.

 Behind the scenes Bestmed plays a prominent role as well by sponsoring the First Aid and Sports Trauma unit at TuksSport as well as the Medical Science Unit at the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria.

 All these sponsorships are aimed at achieving the country’s vision of becoming a top sporting nation, while promoting healthy lifestyles.

“We are proud to support South African sports and of our long association in assisting sportsmen and women in reaching their true potential on the world stage,” Alan Fritz, Executive Head Sales, Marketing and Distribution at Bestmed explained.

For 49 years, Bestmed has had a close association with the University of Pretoria, and the latest sponsorship announcement reinforces that relationship for another three years.

The sponsorships help athletes to train professionally full-time while ensuring their healthcare needs are met.

“We are particularly proud to support the 400m Olympic hurdler LJ in his preparation for his international races, including his build up to Rio, and our support for the entire TUKS athletics family to produce top quality athletes for the local and international arena,” Fritz added.

Fritz says as a corporate sponsor of the TUKSSPORT, Cycling and AmaTUKS, Bestmed has been applauded by the sports organisations for its participation in developing and supporting sports.

“To witness the development and progression of young talented athletes in cycling, road running, athletics and soccer superstars in sport is extremely rewarding for the nation. As South Africans we have a heritage of producing world-class athletes and it is our role as a business to support the talent that we have.  This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community that we do business in.

“The international sport arena is becoming extremely competitive and we want our athletes to perform at their best. Our contribution is to encourage them to support the country’s vision of becoming a nation of winners,” says Fritz.

No figures were divulged by BestMed at the time of publishing.


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