Black Tie Ensemble still going strong

According to MTN they’ve only committed for this year, depending on investment returns and brand equity this marriage would reap.

The Black Tie Ensemble is an Opera and classical group from Pretoria, which almost disbanded last year due to non-committal of sponsorships from corporate nor government.

Having gone knocking from one door to another, MTN listened to their plea and made commitment to back the celebrated opera group for a one-year deal.

As a result of the partnership, the group was now called BTE VO1SS for marketing purposes.

Boasting heavyweights in the form of Caroline Nkwe, Khotso Tsekeletsa, Christopher Vale and Brenda Thulo, just to mention the few, opera aficionadas should look forward to a soothing and jaw-breaking evening at Linder Auditorium, Parktown.

BTE VO1SS has an academy where they train opera and classical enthusiasts at no cost to those who cannot afford formal training in tertiary institutions.

The academy depends on sponsorships which at this stage are hard to conscientious.

On a savory note though, BTE and MTN will host other series of concerts in June, September before wrapping up in November this year.

By God’s Will it is hoped by then, that MTN would extend its deal and other corporate sponsors would open their hearts to this awesome bunch of opera group.

For tickets and more information, visit www.mtn.co.za or madeleen@vo1ss.co.za


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