Blood, sweat and gloves to come-off at CSA investigation

This follows the Terms of Reference and appointment of retired Judge Nicholson and his two Senior Council members. Minister commented that the committee was recommended by the Justice Minister Jeff Radebe.  

 According to Mbalula, the Ministerial Committee will amongst others, investigate the contestation at CSA, policy to regulate bonuses to staff and senior directors, the R68 million which has been accounted for, maladministration and the report by KPMG.

The above Terms of Reference, of the Minister will have in his possession- must be made public as soon as the investigations are complete.

 On whether those who refuse to be part of the investigation will be subpoenaed, the Minister said they’ll have to deal with their conscience.

“Our’s is to give them the platform to come-out clean. Whether this will be done in the public domain or not will be determined by the Judge and his team.

What we need is to root out what is happening at CSA, as much as we did with other federations,” he said.

Asked when the Enquiry process will begin, Mbalula said as soon as yesterday, according to the Judge.

Thus far no threats have been forthcoming, he said jokingly.

Meanwhile, Alec Molemi has been appointed the Director General.  Summayya Khan who has been in the acting position now returns to her chief operating officer post fulltime.

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