BMW 330d semi- autonomous, enjoy the journey!

Perplexed, don’t be- we’re talking the BMW 3 Series ranged that has been introduced in South Africa, the pride of Africa…

3 Series offers 50:50 weight distribution, a lower centre of gravity and a wider front track.

Apart from notable mechanical changes, the 3’s wheelbase is a tad longer, which benefits interior space, and the newcomer is based on the brand’s CLAR platform, which has led to increased body rigidity (torsional stiffness).

The design is unmistakably BMW, mostly due to the imposing grille and striking side profile. The look is upmarket and smart, and when adorned with large rims and an eye-catching paint finish, the new 3 looks the part!

We took the diesel powered 330d (keyless) for a rigorous test and as always came out tops.

It is powered by a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged mill, assembled using BMW’s modular engine architecture. Power is rated at a healthy 190 kW and 400 Nm, which is sufficient to sling this Bavarian from 0 to 100 kph in a claimed 5.8 seconds, more so on curved bends.

On mounted infotainment screen, you’ll notice the all-new (7.0) user interface.

The system boasts gorgeous graphics, a slick, intuitive interface and is receptive to both touch inputs and gestures, which means you can change tracks and adjust the volume by moving your left hand, at times did that purposelly.

A fair degree of semi-autonomous driving tech has been introduced as well, and while you can take your hands off the wheel for a few seconds 330i will automatically accelerate/brake and follow the road, though the tech is still in its infancy and best used on highways (with clear road markings) but VERY careful…

Switch from Comfort to Sport, and the steering firms up nicely. The Comfort setting makes the ‘wheel’s action nicely light for town driving, but when you feel like wielding the 3 at pace (and you will), the Sport mode adds a weightier feel to the tiller.

While we enjoyed the linear power delivery of the 330d, we’re pretty certain the best efficiency is to be had with the oil-burning derivative.

It also has other models.

Yes, 4IR globally is what the G20-generation is to BMW!

The M Sport Edition retails for R694 000


Performance 1-10 (8)

Diesel 1-10 (7)

Image SLM (The lustrous BMW 330d).

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