Bonking in studio leads to DJ suspension!

Radio Zibonele presenter Zamile Mkontwana has been suspended from work and is due to appear before a disciplinary committee charged with indecent behaviour, sexual harassment at the workplace and interfering with station operations.

This after the 34-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted his co-worker while the pair were in studio last Friday.

 The station manager, Mzamo Ngomana, has confirmed Mkontwana’s suspension.

“He is due to appear before the disciplinary committee next week,” he says.

In an interview with the Daily Voice, Mkontwana claims he did not mean to frighten his co-worker.

He claims it was not a sex attack and that they had been intimate before.

“He was in the studio when I walked up to him and asked if he could do something for me,” he says.

“I asked him if he could suck me, he was on air at the time and did not answer. So I took out my thing [penis], took his hand and put it on my penis.

“When he was done reporting he looked at me and asked why I was doing that. I knew there was nobody there and I said ‘why not?’”

“I left for a few minutes to go to the kitchen and drink water, I came back, went to him and pulled him by his belt buckle and he said no.

“I could not understand because we had what I thought to be an understanding or a thing going on.

“This was not the first time this had happened, we had engaged in oral sex before in my office.

“I went to him later that day and apologised and thought that was the end of it.

“But later that day I was called into the boss’ office and suspended for misconduct.

“I was even more surprised to learn that a criminal case had been opened.”

Mkontwana’s victim, however, denies ever having any sexual relations with the accused.

By late Wednesday, police said they had yet to arrest Mkontwana.


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