Cape Town an easy feat for the V Class 250 Avantgarde

From Mdantsane (East London) for the coverage of the ruling party’s 106 Celebrations to the annual and glamorous SunMet in the ‘Mother City’.

The interior of the V-Class 250 Avantgarde. Image SLM.

Yep, the sojourn to Cape Town also coincided with my ‘holiday break’ and some friends (who are professionals from a Dentist to an Auditor to professional photographer) hopped along -some for the first time- as we toiled and enjoyed the length and breadth of mzansi, courtesy of the opulent Merc’s V-Class.

As would be the case, some had reservations pointing out fatigue and exhaustion but as soon as they saw the lilly-white V250 BlueTec Avantgarde, all misconceptions changed. Yes, ‘cos everyone wanted that lap of luxury associated with the V-Class, as I cruised mostly with the transmission and suspension set in Comfort mode (is Sport mode) as the trip computer showed an average of 9.7 litres per 100km.

It comes packed with a 2.1-litre engine, 4-cylinder turbodiesel and 7-speed gearbox automatic.

(Un)fortunately, the traveling crew stood at seven but increased as soon as the word went out about the trip on social platforms.

Legend… has it that the more the troublesome-but in my case it was neither here or there. Professionals, their forbidden waters and going memory down lane music are a recipe of good travels, take it from me, stru…

The opulence and power of V-Class is that from SunMet to other popular venues in the city, guards did not -I dare say it- not bothered to ask nor enquire about parking ticket or invites. Ask anyone who owns it, they’ll attest to my premonition.

En route to CT, we went through the popular Hugenote Tunnel but driving back took a scenic, spectacular garden road were we opted for stop overs and refreshments, more than 5 times. It was epic- couldn’t help it, would you?

Swagger. Thule roof top cover. Image SLM.

Front-row passengers are greeted with a sumptuously sculpted dashboard, a tablet-like eight inch display screen, and the same curved touchpad control system which features in other current Mercedes-Benz models.

‘The overhead highlight: the gigantic panorama sliding roof above the rear compartment takes the V-Class driving experience into a new dimension’.

Maroon leather upholstery, heaps of it, comes standard in all seven V-Class variants (in two types depending on trim grading) and fold-out table and colour changing mood lights (we opted for greenish) that run in strips beneath the glossy wood veneer panelling throughout the cabin.

As the night set recline seats for the back was evident but only for few minutes as all and sundry tried in vain to stay awake, having turned around the middle row seats to face each rearward in sort of conference room layout.

The V Class is big enough to require parking at the far end of shopping centre lots (like we did at Parklands Shopping Mall) where there’s space for its 5.1 metre length and 2.25 metre width.

Another reason, we went bug-wild (that’s how tourists roll or kanjani?) by adding Thule roof box that gave us ample space for luggage and humongous fish we brought back, the 2.1-litre turbodiesel engine

Showing off the half glass boot. Image SLM.

also gels nicely with its seven-speed autobox, and there’s plenty of urge even with a full load on board.

It’s all very fancy and every passenger on board asked how much it costs within seconds of inspecting their surroundings and pressing a few of the many buttons. Naughty

The top-of-the-line V 250 Avantgarde comes standard with business class all-sorts such as navigation with real time traffic updates, motorised doors at the back and both sides, adjustable suspension, heated and cooled front seats, and a nifty double-decker boot with handy built in stowage nooks.

Yes, Kaapstad might be experiencing water crisis as we found at Worcester, were long queues were a sore sign, but we still managed to do what every tourist is required of him/her: spare water as much as possible…

Titled ‘the spacious sedan with the star’ its torque stood 440Nm @ 1400-2400rpm and claimed 0-100km/h 9.1 seconds.

The front 8 inch screen accompanied sumptuous dashboard.

V-Class 250 BlueTec Avantgarde comes with a 2-year warranty/unlimited distance and 6-year/100 000km motor plan.

It retails for R1, 188, 870.00 (according to 2018 MBSA brochure).


Performance 1-10 (9)

Diesel 1-10 (8)

Yep, wouldn’t mind taking another bite once again…

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