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Capetonian trumpets off to US!

Capetonian trumpets off to US!

Marcelle Adam, a talented young trumpeter from Cape Town, is off to United States to study.


Off to US. Marcelle Adams (trumpet) will pursue his music studies in US after being identified at the international JoJ.

The 20 year-old lad was identified as a recipient of a full scholarship to study music at University of Southern California.

Adams, who is currently studying his second year at University of Western Cape, impressed music fans and particularly legendary saxophonist and jazz educator, Bob Mintzer of the Yellow Jackets, during his show with the Standard Bank National Youth Band at the concert.

This prompted the legend (a Professor at the same University) to extend an invitation to join him in the form of studying.

Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival’s programme is designed to include both international jazz luminaries and local stars on its stages. The organizers use this rare gathering to give up and coming musicians an opportunity to share insights and exchange with their heroes and international industry leaders.

The Capetonian was part of the annual Standard Bank Joy of Jazz 2015 that is ably initiated by the legendary jazz maestro Peter Tladi, under T-Musicman.

At the time of publishing it was not clear how long the programme was?

So, bra Hugh Masekela and moremogolo Jonas Ngwangwa, lookout for this gem undergoing a strenuous crafting…

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