Chefs in Action brings life to Breeze Restaurant!

Complimented by an evening oozing with chill wind and subtle music, Chefs tried hard to impress guests who attended the launch with various culinary on offer.

‘Chefs in Action’ as they’d prefer to be known will be hosts as you visit the restaurant and indulge in their offerings and the sparkling bar.

An action buffet bar hosted at Breeze restaurant is on every Wednesday evening for a special launch price of R99 per person -normal price as from February will be R150 per person and R40 for kids under 12s.

“We’re excited to launch this new experience at our Resort,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino.

“Our Breeze Restaurant chefs will be pulling out all the stops while putting their skills on display in front of our guests.”

As we puzzled from one station to another from chisa-nyama to grilled burger from salad to stir-fry, we were only allowed to taste (but not to clean) our plates but being hard working members of the fourth estate, we did the latter.                

Thus prompting our gorgeous, entertaining host -the media relations manager at the resort Marli Wolmarans, who unapologetically declared “war food on us.”

Food is prepared live and put on display by talented chefs using their creative skills coupled with style and flair.

It’s a culinary experience and food adventure memorable for the senses that combines visual appeal, smell, taste and touch.

“’Chefs in Action’ is a recently emerged international food trend that we are recreating in the Vaal,” continued Tanuja. “We combine the art of cooking and performance to enhance the ‘eating out’ experience which is sure to delight and entertain.”

In her parting shot, Wolmarans made an appeal the locals to come and dine with the Chefs; and see what’s burning under those pans!

The Breeze is open from 17h30 to 22h00. For bookings and any additional information contact Breeze Restaurant on 016 982 8166.

The Emerald Resort & Casino is easily accessible from Johannesburg. It is a close proximity from Bloemfontein as well.

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