Comedians 'revel' on new Sonic!

Featuring customised branding and the sort of fun-loving, off-the-wall personality most suited to comedy artists, the Sonic RS is the perfect vehicle for the event according to Chevrolet South Africa Brand Manager, Tim Hendon.

“We approached Angel and KG with this great opportunity to expose the Sonic RS at the Arts Festival an environment where being different and going against the flow is what sets each and every exceptionally talented artist apart.”

Performing her acclaimed debut one-woman show, ‘Yes, Really, Angel’, Cape Town-based comedienne Angel Campey will be expressing her love for irony, which her birth name imposed from a very early age. The show, directed by acclaimed SA comedian Nick Rabinowitz, has been described as ‘intelligent, witty, observational humour by a girl named Angel, yes, really’, and is on between 4 and 12 July at the Scouts Hall.

Speaking during her drive from Cape Town to the Festival via the integrated MyLink infotainment system which incorporates Bluetooth for hands-free cellphone use, Campey commented: “The Sonic RS incorporates so many special features and syncs with my phone! This car is smarter than me, and according to my poster I’m ‘razor sharp’ so that’s saying something!”

The Very Big Comedy Show, which takes place on 10 July at the Guy Butler Theatre for a one-night-only comedy extravaganza, features a handpicked selection of the finest comedians, hosted by multi-award-winning comedian Rob van Vuuren and featuring South African comedy greats like Siv Ngesi, Martin Evans and KG Mokgadi.

Described as part of a ‘madcap’ crew of comedians, Mokgadi is the son of a sangoma who takes his audiences on a unique comedy journey with a glimpse into ‘behind the scenes’ sangoma practises, what it’s like having one as a father and why he was never able to take a sick day off during school years.

“This car is just fantastic,” exclaimed a very enthusiastic Mokgadi ahead of his show.

“The Sonic RS has changed my perceptions about cars, I am not necessarily a
‘car person’ but my mind has been blown by this absolutely impressive machine – so much fun!”

* Comsonic stands for Comedy and Sonic. How does that sounds?

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