Contentious R50 levy done away with

This follows opposition views on the matter by residents in Joburg that was proposed by Pikitup management and MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Mpho Moerane.

The contentious proposed levy would have been effected from July 1 2021, if it had been acceded to during Integrated Development Plan meetings.

“A number of submissions have been received against the proposed levy, including the fact that a large number of residents were experiencing financial difficulties consequent to the negative impact that Covid-19 has on the economy, which has resulted in a number of residents losing their jobs. 

In light of all this, Pikitup management, together with MMC Moerane – whose office plays an oversight role over the waste management company – decided to withdraw the proposed R50 recycling levy,” read a media statement from the City.

According to the statement, the withdrawn recycling levy was also informed by the need to increase the yield of recyclable materials that need to be diverted away from landfill sites. It should be noted that Pikitup is fast running out of landfill sites, and the levy might have contributed in preserving the remaining lifespan of the landfill airspace through recycling. 

Large quantities of recyclable materials still end up in Pikitup’s landfill sites despite the contribution of waste pickers, who are assisting with the collection of recyclable materials.

However, because of their mode of transport, waste pickers resort to collecting light recyclable materials and leave behind heavy or recyclables of less value, which are collected by Pikitup.    

In the event that landfill sites do indeed get depleted, residents of the City will be expected to pay more for waste collection services because new landfill sites will have to be established to ensure that waste is disposed of in designated areas and in accordance with the provisions of the Waste Management Act.  

Ellen Mojela (84) from Higlands North says she’s happy the proposed R50 levy has been done away with. “Who would pay that R50 when a pensioner like me does not even afford to buy a bread?” she asked during a telephonic interview.

The City must just let those waste pickers do their job, so should they, she said.

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