Court-bring Ngubeni back!

“This has become personal and as such feel that those who dragged my name into the mud should be held accountable,” he said yesterday, after the ruling.

“Education is my only source of income since I don’t have any job or run other companies outside NYDA,” he says.

This follows the Johanensburg Labour Court ruling that he should be reinstated.

 The court ruled his dismissal by NYDA was unlawful.


Judge Andre van Niekerk said that Ngubeni’s dismissal was in breach of his contract.

“The termination of employment is set aside and the applicant [Ngubeni] is reinstated in the first respondent’s [NYDA’s] employ until there has been compliance with clause 10.1 [of the contract],” the judgement read in a Times Live report.

Ngubeni was dismissed after an independent enquiry found him guilty of financial mismanagement and gross dereliction of duty.

“The decision was taken in circumstances where an independently chaired enquiry, initiated by the NYDA and appointed to hear the case against Ngubeni had not yet completed its work,” the judgment said.

The NYDA was also ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings and has not commented on the ruling.

At the time of publishing NYDA were unavailable for comment.


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