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Cycling lanes budget my foot, says JHB Mayor!

Sandton resident Herman Mashaba is taking the R70-million allocated to bicycle lanes and reassigning it to ensure the “dignity” of his “neighbours” in Alexandra by providing services like water and toilets.

Cycling lanes budget my foot, says JHB Mayor!

Cycling lanes my foot. Herman Mashaba, the City of Joburg Mayor says he will take back the R70m allocated to cycling lanes and build toilets and streets for Alex residents.

On Tuesday‚ in his inaugural speech as executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg‚ Mashaba said: “I was concerned to note that R70-million has been set aside over the next three years for the development of bicycle lanes around our city.

“I intend putting a halt to this project. When every road in Johannesburg is tarred‚ maybe then we will look at bicycle lanes again.”

On Wednesday‚ he called in to Radio 702 to defend the decision and said: “I live in Sandton…and in Alexandra‚ across the freeway from me…are people with no toilets‚ people with no water and dignity.

“Some of them have taken their cases to the Human Rights Commission. I cannot live in a city that deprives people of such basic services‚” Mashaba added.

“Now I have to get the budget…I am taking that R70-million to give my neighbours‚ my people‚ the opportunity to have dignity.”

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