Dale Steyn appointed SAB Water Ambassador

Steyn, who is known for his fast bowling and strong views on environmental protection, will officially become an SAB Water Ambassador.

SAB is a recognised private sector leader on water stewardship in the country with a priority focus on reducing the amount of water used to make beer for the sustainability of the business and availability of the precious water resource to all South Africans.

“We are very excited that Dale Steyn is prepared to use his stature as the world’s leading fast bowler to assist in making ordinary South Africans aware of the need to save water,” says Andre Fourie, SAB Head Sustainable Development.

As the SAB Water Ambassador, Dale will:

* use his passion for the environment to promote water saving at household level;

* use his profile as top cricketer to encourage the broad public and sports enthusiasts to take water stewardship more seriously;

* inspire other sport stars to take on the cause of water responsibility;

* encourage SAB staff, customers and consumers to minimize water use and re-use water where possible; and

* remind political leaders of the importance of minimizing waste of water at municipal level and investing the required infrastructure to ensure clean water into the future.

“This is a very exciting opportunity to work with SAB and their sustainable development division. There is so much for me to learn on this topic but I believe that I will be learning from the best. They are very experienced in this field and am looking forward to our future together,” says Steyn.

SAB has a clear action plan on water stewardship which includes reducing the amount of water to make beer, engaging farmers in the supply chain to sue less water when growing hops and barley used to brew beer, and helping communities with access to clean water.

SAB has undertaken a detailed water footprint of its operations and is acutely aware of water risks facing the company and the country over the next few decades.

The company works with local municipalities to address access to clean water at a local level. In addition, SAB has formed partnership and works with the WWF and GIZ (the German technical agency) to understand and manage the implications of drought in the George area for the hops industry.

What do you make of the appointment?

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