Dep Pres Mabuza to lead vaccine inter-ministerial committee

Ramaphosa announced this at a Zoom meeting of the ANC’s Progressive Business Forum on Tuesday. 

He said people were correct to show interest in the vaccines and where it would come from.

“Today we established an inter-ministerial committee, which would be chaired by the deputy president [David Mabuza],” Ramaphosa said.

He added that he would chair the first meeting himself to “set the process on the way for various aspects of the vaccine distribution”.

He said the committee would help the government to cooperate more effectively to ensure the whole process of the distribution of vaccinations is “well done”.

The roll-out of vaccines was being treated like any big project the country has tackled, including the World Cup soccer tournament in 2010 and the elections.

Ramaphosa said the vaccination project would be bigger, as it has to reach 40 million people.

“The vaccine is going to be a major boost in our effort to fight Covid-19,” he said, emphasising that finances would not be a problem as South Africa would be able to pay for the vaccines.

Image (Deputy President David Mabuza tasked with heading the inter-ministerial committee on vaccine distribution).

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