Eskom to keep the lights on but if, and only, Nersa agrees to its controversial increase!

According press statement, Eskom said they will have to study the decision in detail to understand its consequences and assess its impact.

“Eskom had applied to Nersa for an average annual increase of 13% to cover its own needs over the next five years, plus 3% a year for independent power producers giving a total of 16% and proposed revenue of R1.1 trillion.

The application was based on the current regulatory rules and policy, and Eskom’s mandate to keep the lights on.

This provides for the prudent recovery of input costs such as coal, maintenance and human resources, as well as the cost of servicing the debt raised to finance Eskom’s investment in South Africa’s energy infrastructure.”

The new tariffs will take effect for Eskom customers from 1 April 2013 and for municipal customers from 1 July 2013.

“We will detail the tariffs for each category of Eskom customers (residential, municipal, industrial and rural) once we have studied Nersa’s determination on the tariff structure, “continued the statement.

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