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Fine wines aboard the Emirates Airlines!

Emirates continues to invest heavily in its world-class wine programme.

Fine wines aboard the Emirates Airlines!

In 2015, the airline purchased a record of over 13 million bottles of wine worth US$140 million – more than twice the value of wine purchases in the previous year. emirates

The wines are for customers across all three cabins, and most will only be served on board in seven to 10 years.  The increasing investment is in response to the airline’s expanding network, and reflects its commitment to offering customers the best possible product.

In 2015, Emirates’ customers consumed 11.4 million bottles of wine across all classes, with 10 million single-serve bottles in Economy Class alone. This was a 27% increase from the year before, when nine million bottles of wine were consumed across all classes.

“In every aspect of our business, our aim is to provide the best experience for our customers and we have curated a wine programme that is reflective of that promise. Over the years, we’ve built a wine programme that has garnered the interest of exclusive vineyards in the world, and we are proud of the fact that our wine lists are comparable to what you might find in a top restaurant in the best cities around the world,” says Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline.

The airline’s long standing relationships with wine producers has meant access to some of the most rare and exclusive wines.

From the Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru region alone, considered to be amongst the finest of Burgundy’s white wines, Emirates purchased 2,000 cases in 2015 – equivalent to 10% of the total production in the region.

For more on the Emirates Wine Story and world’s fine vineyards go to https://youtu.be/rqCzCKNb6y4



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