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Fired NWT tourism guru Charles Ndabeni to focus on private business!

The instability and mismanagement at North West Tourism Board continues unabated.

Fired NWT tourism guru Charles Ndabeni to focus on private business!

Purged. Charles Ndabeni (left) was fired by the North West Tourism Board, a move that shook the tourism industry.

This follows the firing of key tourism encyclopaedia Charles Vuyisile Ndabeni, as the acting chief executive officer at NWT by the board, who is reportedly, was only months in the post.

According to credible sources and sympathizers of Ndabeni, he was ejected because he could not see eye-to eye with the current board chairperson.

“He’s the talk of town. He knows his story and tourism is what he knows best and everyone knows that but some board members felt threatened about that,” says the first source.

The gargantuan-oak because of his huge body physique, has been followed by the dark cloud since.

In 2006, he bought a controlling 90% stake in Faction Media Productions, which was producing the parks board’s heritage magazine, while he was still CE at the board and subsequently was fired.

He then joined Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism Board. He did not last long because the union did approve of his management style.

He returned to NW only to be appointed as head of staff in the Premier’s Office.

Ndabeni, because of his vast experience within the tourism sector, was seconded to the acting head of the department at MEC Desbo Mohono’s tourism office.

As a result of dwindling tourist numbers and poor marketing strategies at the organization, he was re-appointed as acting CE at NWT until his firing recently.

“Mr Ndabeni is powerful and everyone listens to him. Unfortunately, the board did not approve of that hence the firing.

Again, we’ve lost a strategist who would turn this province into a key marketing destination, “commented the second source.

Ndabeni, told this reporter that he’s now focusing on his company and being “own boss” without revealing much on the firing issue.

“We’re busy with a major event later in the year in Botswana, that will feature local and international music stars. That’s my focus now,” he said in relaxed mood.

The company will focus on tourism, filming, events and others. Botswana is our launch pad, he said with signature laugh.

“Watch the space,” he opined.

 Dineo Lolokwane, communication director for North West Tourism department said she was not aware of the firing of Ndabeni, and that it was for the first time she heard from the press.

“Perhaps, he will address me because I had no clue or idea about this.

Please speak to the NWT board spokesperson they’re in better position to give a comment.”

What Mamaki Pholo, spokesperson for the board was only prepared to say was “I can’t comment as the board is dealing with the matter in question internally”.

Meanwhile, the 20th Bray Kalahari Experience race horse will take place at Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality, North West on July 16.

The annual and biggest bush race in the country, titled ‘Texas of South Africa’ because the area is known for producing large quantities of beef in the country, comes with a staggering prize win of R250 000.

It draws over 4000 horse enthusiasts from Botswana, Namibia, Cape Town and Lesotho and contributes close to R2million into the coffers of Bray area over three-days.

It is supported by the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District, North West Tourism department and North West Gambling board.

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