Floors Direct brings joy to SOS Village in Mamelodi!

 Established in 1985, SOS Children’s Villages is a charitable, non-profit organisation devoted to the social development and welfare of orphaned and abandoned children.

The SOS Children’s Village Mamelodi comprises of fifteen family homes, a kindergarten and an extensive community involvement with the aim to offer support for children in need and help shape their futures.

 The donated flooring was used to replace the bedroom floors giving the home that has housed so many children and caretakers through the years a fresh new look and feel.

“We are thrilled to be involved with such an amazing organisation as the SOS Children’s Village Mamelodi”, said Dean Gurney, Managing Director of Floors Direct.

“We take our hats off to the group of individuals who run the organisation and are pleased to be able to assist in creating a more comfortable and functional environment for them to do their amazing work.”

“Thank you very much to Floors Direct for assisting SOS Children’s Villages South Africa, to provide a loving home to the children in our care through this wonderful donation of laminated flooring.

The floors have transformed the homes and created a sense of pride for not only the mothers but also for the children”, said Siphiwe Maphanga , National Director SOS Children’s Villages South Africa.


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