Ford Ranger's demand good news for motoring industry in SA

“The customers have spoken, and they want more of the quality, cost and capability offered by our Ranger pickup trucks,” said Jeff Nemeth, President and CEO of FMCSA.

The resultant of production would mean creation of more than 800 new jobs and training for operators.

“In order to meet continued strong demand in South Africa and abroad, we are adding shifts to our operations, creating jobs and confirming our commitment to South Africa. We invested significantly to transform our operations, and it is our strong belief that these jobs have the power to transform people’s lives as well.

Ford last year announced the completion of a R3.4-billion transformation at its manufacturing and assembly plants in South Africa to enable it to produce and export its new Ranger pickup trucks to 148 countries, mostly in Africa and Europe.

Both plants have been transformed into world class facilities.

“In addition, creating new jobs is incredibly empowering and helps make a difference in the communities where we have operations,” says Nemeth.

He continued to say that:”We’re investing in the continuous training and education of our employees. Each one of the 800 potential new employees underwent comprehensive pre-employment assessment prior to the commencement of training.

The successful candidates underwent stringent classroom and on-the-job training; they are now equipped to build high quality Rangers.”

Despite the economical challenges globally, FMCSA has always believed that SA is a gateway to Africa, and this has paid dividends thus far.

Also, it is prudent to mention that following good investments returns in other African and European states, the company has treaded where others would dare not!

With this heart-warming news, SA economy is certainly making its mark in the business global arena.

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