G70 and Swift Range to be showcased at Geneva Motorshow


According to Suzuki both European cars will be making their debut at the popular show and displaying its latest technological developments, underscoring its expertise in compact car development, while providing an insight into its vision of the motoring future as part of the company’s green technology.

The G70 weighs just 730 kg, while achieving a drag coefficient some 10 percent lower than current Suzuki A-segment models, thanks to its advanced aerodynamic design.

This allows the G70 to achieve a CO2 emissions rating of just 70 g/km for the New European Driving Cycle, utilising a petrol engine.

Based on the latest-generation Swift, the show car is a further development of the plug-in hybrid compact car displayed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

It showcases the advances in eco-car technology Suzuki has achieved since then.
It has a typical driving range of 30 km with a fully charged battery. However, that range can be extended by using an engine-driven generator.
The benefit of this configuration, compared to a conventional electric vehicle, is that the Swift Range Extender employs a more compact lithium-ion battery that can be charged quicker, while also weighing less, requires fewer resources, and costs less.

With the cost of living in SA becoming too expensive daily, thanks to petrol increment recently- such charged battery cars would come in handy!  

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