‘Getting Late’ by teen star Tayla is a national anthem

Her hotshot debut ‘Getting Late’ feat. Kooldrink -is a national anthem, and one of my friend’s a Dentist, is madly in love with the song.

The video racked up over 715,000 YouTube views within weeks and spawned reels of TikTok content – a platform where digital native Tyla is rapidly rising with over 678,000 followers and 10.2 million+ likes. It also garnered playlist support on Apple Music’s Dance and Electronic playlists The Wave and Vibes.

Swathed in an air of opulence and playful escapism, the video centres around Tyla and her troupe of female dancers bringing to life maximalist 2000s American R&B music video visuals in Johannesburg’s gritty landscape.

Marching bands and cheerleaders; laser lights, lingerie and mansions – this is a glorious manifestation of dreams for international stardom.

A Joburg born but boasting diverse heritage that stems from Indian, African and Mauritius roots, Tayla notes, the production of the song came with huge sacrifices.

“I have never cried as much as I did last year,” Tyla confessed. “We set out wanting to make the best music video South Africa has ever seen, and it just felt like every success was followed by a hundred failures.

“Everything you see, we did by ourselves. No major label deal, no investors, we handmade outfits, built sets, we worked for favours, [and] pushed harder than I thought possible.

I don’t know if it’s the hottest video South Africa has ever seen, that’s for you to decide. But what I do know is that I had never imagined in my life to look at something that I had made and be so proud.”

Filming for the elaborate video started just before the pandemic hit and then lockdown put Tyla‘s debut on pause. An incredibly frustrating time for an excited artist on the cusp of launch, who had already worked for two hard years to reach the starting line.

“I’m proud of being South African and I want to take Africa everywhere I go. It’s amazing how social media connects me with the world. TikTok allows me to express myself and show the world our South African dance moves like Pouncing Cat and the Gwara Gwara,” Tyla said.

“I actually have a challenge for this video that combines some SA moves, so it’s like a little window into our culture. You have the Harlem Shake and we all know that, so you must also know how to ‘Vuli Gate’, ” she declares.

‘Wunder’-kid or sensational teen- Tyla is claiming her spot, look out for her!

Image (Tyla whose hit ‘Getting Late’ is a national anthem).

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