Goin' down memory lane with Radio 2000!

Robbie Malinga, Marc Alex, Ernie Smith and Moneoa, were part of the Breakfast show -Planet Haaibo -this week on Radio 2000, to discuss the evolution of South African music and Top 100 most memorable songs of the past 20 years’.

Music has played a pivotal role in the new dispensation of democracy in the country; and it continues to break boundaries, culturally and otherwise.

“We have come far as a country; it is a very special thing to be celebrating 20 years of democracy. Music has played an essential part in uniting South Africans. We keep music alive through appreciating the music that was made in the previous era and making covers of those songs,” commented Ernie Smith.  

TS Records Robbie Malinga added that: “South Africa is still looking for itself politically, creatively and musically. We are still finding our sound, which will be the soundtrack of South Africa in the international arena. We are still trying to find a sound that will play in a Porsche and in a taxi. We’ve managed to do that with Zahara but we still need to make more music like that.”

To spur on the listeners, Top 100 music competition will give five winners an opportunity to share a cool R50 000 by successfully picking up top 5 hit songs.

They will have to add their memory to the song that they like and vote for it on the Radio 2000 website.

The competition happens on December 31.

“The Top 100 music competition is very special and we are truly excited about the memories that our listeners will share with us from the last 20 years of democracy.

We encourage our listeners to submit their votes via our website as soon as possible.

Radio 2000 is committed to driving social cohesion in South Africa and what better way to unite our people than to celebrate our freedom through the expression of music on the only radio station that is designed for the rainbow nation,” says Carlito “The Jackal” Sheikh, Station Manager.

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