Hardly three months into his job as Chief Executive, Zola Majavu has called it quits.

The celebrated legal baron who was elevated to the CE post early this year after being the PSL legal department head-honcho, cited interference and being overlooked when coming to matters which had to do with senior appointments.  

The dejected Majavu who is presiding over a case involving the bludgeoning to death of Eugene Ney Terr’Blanche in Vendersdorp, North West, diplomatically says what has happened is beyond his control and looks forward completing the case and pursuing his private practice.  

According to chairman of PSL Dr Irvin “The Iron-Duke” Khoza: “The Executive Committee reaffirmed that it must adhere to both its policies and the schedule of delegated authority which grant it powers to appoint senior management including the COO, the CFO and Head of Legal.  

Mr Majavu held the view that he could not accept this. On that basis, the PSL and Mr Majavu agreed to part ways amicably due to these fundamental differences.”

Cambridge Mokanyane, who is the PSL COO, will be the acting CEO until the PSL executive meet on Thursday, 20 October 2011.

 According to some football critics who spoke to SOWETOLIFEMAGAZINE ONLINE on condition of anonymity, their views and concerns are that, this does not bold well for football in SA, and could bring some jitters to sponsors something which PSL does not need following what is happening at Cricket South Africa.

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