Has U2 legendary Bono got anything to do with The Claddagh ring?

Whenever I hear the word Irish what springs to mind: your guess is just good as mine: WHISKY!

Tourism Ireland’s role is to market the island of Ireland overseas, growing overseas tourism revenue and visitor numbers to the island of Ireland, and to help Northern Ireland to realise its tourism potential.

Never mind our depreciating rand this could be an ideal tourism opportunity, for letting that hair down and forget anything to do with e-toll, amongst other. Stru!

The Ireland is the ultimate Valentine’s Day destination. For lovers seeking the most romantic experience, the following examples come pretty close.

Me thought any mentioning of whisky would do justice but alas not?

For starters, St Valentine’s Shrine is in Dublin’s Whitefriar Church. There is a special Blessing of the Rings ceremony at the Shrine on the saint’s feast day, February 14. 

Do a Kate and Leo- Everybody knows the scene at the prow of the Titanic, the iconic moment when Leo shows Kate how to fly. That photo opportunity awaits all over Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest visitor experience dedicated to the world’s most famous ship.

According to Tourism Ireland, it’s core market is to deliver world-class marketing programmes in over 20 markets across the world and works in close co-operation with industry partners on the island of Ireland as well as with the travel trade and so on.

Visit Claddagh ring which is popular the world over as a friendship, engagement and wedding ring. A quintessential Irish symbol, it is worn by millions including the likes of U2 front man, Bono. According to legend it originated in Claddagh in Galway in 17th century.

Thomas Dillon jewelers, the original makers of the ring, have a gift shop and museum in Quay Street in the city centre.

Romantic proposal sites -Love is in the air at the Cliffs of Moher – the outstanding beauty of this natural wonder makes it one of the world’s most romantic attractions. Offering stunning views over the wild Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs provide the perfect setting to pop the question.

Or Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, which was built in 1867 as a lover’s gift, is known as Ireland’s most romantic castle. A vast inheritance funded the construction of the magical castle which Mitchell Henry intended as a testament to his wife Margaret. However Margaret died suddenly in 1874 never seeing her castle fully complete.

Today couples fall for the gothic romance of the magnificent castle, walled Victorian gardens and lush woodland walkways, all steeped in love, legend and history.

The legend has a connection with the Irish; why not create your own good memories?

Any whisky connoisseurs’ in Ireland, if I may?
For more info visit website: www.ireland.com

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