'He's a traitor': Malema lashes out at 'small boy' Lamola

“He is compromised. He is gone. He has sold out … [With] his sellout tendencies he will never the lead the youth league,” Wednesday’s Star quoted Malema as saying .

Malema criticised a statement by Lamola – who is deputy youth league leader and seen to be acting president since Malema’s expulsion  that the youth league would support the outcome of the ANC national elective conference in Mangaung regardless of whether their endorsed candidates won.

“Without being asked a question, he just said we will accept the results even if [Jacob] Zuma wins. Even among the forces of change, Lamola is not anybody to be listened to. He is a traitor, he is not going to carry that mandate to its logical conclusion,” Malema said.

Malema said he was shocked to see Lamola at his court hearings and said he did not need “Lamola in my life”.

“I do not need him. I was never made by Lamola. He does not know where I come from. I don’t need Lamola in my life in the same way I have never needed Lamola in my political career.”

Lamola declined to comment to the paper, saying he had to “consult with comrades” before offering a response to Malema’s criticisms. 

Malema also said his former youth league deputy was negotiating with Zuma and ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe to switch allegiance in exchange for a chance to take over as league president after Mangaung.

He described Lamola as a “small boy”, adding Lamola would never lead the youth league because of “his selling-out tendencies”.

“Lamola is negotiating with Zuma and Gwede to fire Magaqa. No, Magaqa must be expelled, and he thinks we do not know that … He is compromised. He is gone. He has sold out. But he must rest assured, he will never lead the youth league. Never! [With] his selling-out tendencies he will never lead the youth league,” Malema said.

Magaqa, who is due to return to the league in April, and former league spokesperson Floyd Shivambu were suspended by the ANC for misconduct and bringing the party into disrepute.

MEANWHILE, Various political analysts commented that, such latest outburst could further derail the youth league something which the mother-body could be (un)happy with.

“This goes to show Julius is playing hard ball with the ANC and his bullying tactics are evident within the youth league,” says one analyst who refused to be identified.

 “Lamola should stand the ground, be firm and should not be easily shaken by anyone. He’s an intelligent and well spoken someone with strong academic background and bright political future. The fact that he’s consulting with his peers shows the kind of character he is,” said another.

Whether the mother-body would come to Lamola’s rescue remains to be seen…


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