Impala Flats goes facelifting!

Sydney Morweng, finds out why with General Manager Shane MacDougall, on the status of the establishment?

Ok, both of our names begin with ‘S’ and last names also begin with ‘M’. Coincidence? Me disagree… 

SM: What are the challenges facing Impala Flats?

SM: As with all businesses and companies, the recession has had a slight impact on our turnover projection but with our upcoming specials and exciting in-store activations and facebook and media, we hope to make it easier in the pocket for our Impala Flats guests.

SM: Since joining Impala Flats, what has been improved and what are future projections? SM:

We’re in the process of refurbishing and upgrading Impala Holiday Flats-the building itself a well as installing flat screens, furniture, so that we keep up with the times. Also to continue providing comfortable and spacious accommodation for our guests.

SM: How long have you been with Impala Holiday Flats? SM: This would be my six months with the company.

SM: Tourism is considered one of the highest job creators and economic benefits has placed it fourth in the country after mining. What is your opinion and what could be improved?

SM: Tourism SA has boomed over the last decade with more South Africans wanting to explore their own country before jetting off abroad- this was not the case in the past. It is in this context that we South Africans acre creating hospitality jobs for our own people. As for improvement, I suggest we continue looking after our environment and planet to maintain the beauty and tapestry of our country. The Ubuntu Spirit amongst our people will ensure a constant flow of visitors resulting in job creations.

SM: What do you make of Tourism Indaba in your own opinion?

SM: It’s growing every year. In addition shall be sourcing new avenues to reach potential markets and expand our client base. Also, to link up with Provincial entities because we do alot of school tours, etc.

SM: How would you rate the establishment and what do you think makes it different from its competitors?

SM: Being an integral part of Impala Flats, I get to be involved in every aspect which is incorporated to offer friendliness, professionalism and efficient service to our guests.We strive to maintain our slogan “home away from home” experience. We also boast a bright and colourful GAMES ROOM to entertain and amuse both adults and kids with an array of games to choose from. One needs to experience our warm and friendly hospitality to see why we have guests that keep returning year after year.

SM: Has Impala done enough to market itself or what should be improved?

SM: We’re experiencing a re-birth. We’re in the process of not only refurbishing but behind the scenes feverishly working on new brochure layout, facebook and website design. Also, we are broadening our advertising circle to reach larger demographics. 

SM: Has crime been detrimental to your business?

SM: Interesting question Sydney, crime is rife everywhere but unfortunately, we haven’t experienced any. We have a 24/7 security surveillance cameras and CCTVs all over our building. This is to make our guests feel home and secured as mentioned and a friendly working environment for staff as well.

Those two elements are key to our business to thrive. 

Indeed, ‘This is a holiday in the Sun’.

For more info and bookings visit: http www.impalaflats.co.za or call: 031 332-3232 or send email to info@impalaflats.co.za



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