Inept attitude, cowardice, greed and arrogance is what Cricket South Africa is all about, warned the Minister of Sport and Recreation Fikile Mbalula. He made these remarks recently following the impasse which has beset the CSA.

Mbalula, who confessed to the press that he was also threatened by certain elements
for interfering said, the fact that KPMG report was inconclusive vowed to appoint an
independent retired judge and terms of reference by today as part of a landmark
investigations into the saga.

“I’ve given all relevant parties to get their acts together and resolve this issue
amicably but it seems the board decided otherwise. It was not my duty to interfere
and muddle into sport federations affairs but CSA has gone way too far,” says
Mbalula who during the media brief folded his long-sleeve as a gesture of heated
saga unfolding.

Asked what he made of threats, the fire-brand Minister jokingly said don’t forget I
was once a deputy Minister of Police, so these kinds of threats are small waters. 
"I fight fire with fire". 

Amongst other offences committed by the CSA board, currently headed by acting CEO
Khan, is the breach of Section 234 and 235 of the Companies Act of which Majola
contravened and breach of fiduciary duties owed to CSA arising form the IPL bonuses.

On the issue of corporate sponsorship which has dearly affected the coffers of the
federations Mbalula said:” We ask the sponsors to act decisively when making
decisions. Unfortunately, we all find ourselves in this kind of a mess but I promise
before festive season it would be laid to rest even if it means losing my job,”
warned Minister. 

Sumayya Khan, acting Director General of Sport, says the withdrawal of sponsorship
from cricket would result in dire consequences but promised to meet all potential
sponsors for an emergency meeting before end of this week.

On the issue of SAFA misleading the nation with regard to the 2012 AFCON CUP,
Mbalula has solely laid the blame on the entire SAFA hierarchy and vowed to act
“They misread and mis-interpreted simple clause stated by CAF in black and white.
How can we entrust them to lead football only to betray the nation like the way they
did. It’s uncalled for and injustice to our sport in the country.

They could have just swallowed their pride and APOLOGISED to the nation instead of
challenging CAF rules. Those guys will put you into your place. 

On the other side instead of the team playing hard for a win they opt for a draw and
dance thereafter because this is what we’re best at. It’s pure nonsense. The
players’ themselves don’t know what is it to be a South African,” says the irritated

Heads are going to roll, finish and klaar, he said.

Attempts to obtain comment from CSA and SAFA, respectively did not materialize.

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