GLORRIRIOUS vs ANTONIO has replaced ‘Smoother under the Sun’

Since the beginning of September Tropika has been running on pack promo where consumers stand a chance to win their share of R1, 5m in trips to lunch plus airtime and a grand prize trip to Maldives Island.

mpho pops
Funny, ne? Comedian Mpho Pops is one of familiar faces in the latest Tropika new Ad campaign.

Says Miantha Padayachee, Clover’s Brand Group Manager -for the trip to lunch Tropika has partnered with Chesa Nyama, King Pie and Roman’s Pizza.

The latest campaign features what is coined ‘Vines’ namely Tumi Masemola, Roxy Burger, Mpho Pops, Amon Mokoena and Amanda Du Punt- who apart from the endearing and shy Tumi-et al did not turn up for the media launch last week.

“Tropika’s new vibe is quintessentially what every consumer needs to complete their perfect meal, and on the back of that it has been generating creative content on social media.
Vines haven’t been embraced to their full potential in the SA market as yet, so we see this as an opportunity to bring some fans of the freshest content that the market has yet to witness ,” continued Padayachee.

As goes the tag line ‘the fresh, smooth taste of Tropika transports you to an Island where the sands is warm and water cool, palm trees swaying in a balmy breeze.’

Since our schooling days from the dusty streets of Soweto to the far flung areas in the North West Province, Tropika has always been available in favourite Orange, Mango Peach,Pine Apple, Peach, Tropical and Berry brands.

Armed with thick marketing background Tropika Brand Manager Qhama Sontundu (has been with Clover for only six months) says he looks forward cementing further what the brand stands for and what it means to an ordinary consumer, hence the use of familiar faces to take it to another level.

It would have been smoother if the budget for the campaign would have been divulged but since we’re not privy to that, this shall remain a top secret, or kanjani?

Oh, how could we forget the popular Island of Treasure?

Meanwhile, the annual Vaal Beach party that was scheduled for September will finally take place on October 31 at Dickinson Park, Vaal. It is sponsored by the smoothest Tropika.

It features over 40 acts with chart-toppers such as Black Coffee, Black Motion, Harrison Crump, KO, Ricky Rik, Mpumi, Kwesta and Banger Boys, amongst others.

It begins from 12 until wee hours of the morning.

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