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Joburg City rotten to the core

JOBURG IS ROTTEN to the core and it seems the problem ain’t gonna be resolved soon.

Joburg City rotten to the core

Dirt strewn all over Joburg CBD. An eyesore that we’re subjected to every bloody day.

As one makes his way to work every morning-either walking or driving, rubbish and litter has become synonymous and my nostrils have grown used to that. Imagine the little one’s?

An eyesore -unfortunately.

Stench, more so since its Spring has become unbearable from the Noord Taxi Rank right up to Carlton Center, yet we claim the city is the economical hub of Africa?

To compound matters, our African brothers and sisters shops that sell fake products are mushrooming every flippin’day. It’s come one-come all type of a set up.

And guess what all the wrapping plastics are left unattended on streets and thugs roam free, snatch bags and other belongings from pedestrians in the presence of police and traffic officers.

As for taxis its free for all and obstruct traffic as, and when, they feel like.

Inhabitual and hijacked buildings, recent power failure, broken water pipes, untarred pavements are all what Joburgers are subjected to every bloody day, yet we heard the office of the Mayor Herman Mashaba that they are embarking on cleaning the City and reeding it of crime.

Which City are they referring to you may ask?

From where I’m seated crime will never be reduced let alone prevented, finish & klaar!

Joburg the City that never sleeps is rotten to the core and my heart bleeds… Please help that’s if someone is listening.

This is supposed to be Africa My Beginning-Africa my Ending.

Instead it’s the latter!



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