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Jozi@Work initiative targets Alex!

This was part of the implementation of Jozi@Work – a programme officially launched the Mayor in September, this year at Eldorado Park.

The visit to Alexandra was to encourage the community in the township to register their cooperatives and community based companies as legal entities to enable them to partner with the City in enhancing the delivery of services in their own neighbourhoods.

So far, more than 7000 people have been reached through Jozi@Work Awareness  Roadshows, and just over 2000 new community based companies have been registered as legal entities.

Mayor Tau says: “However, the unemployment problem in our communities is going to take far more than creating jobs to resolve. It requires that residents’ mind-sets shift from being job seekers to job creators, and become active participants in the economy”.

He added that the City’s citizens “must not be passive recipients of state planning and resource allocation”.

This is important as it is well articulated in the National Development Plan that the majority of new jobs will be created by small and medium enterprises,” says the Mayor.

Jozi@Work is set to contract over R1 billion-worth of City service work that includes Greening Services, ICT & Digital Services, Energy and Construction, as well as Maintenance & Repairs to community based enterprises in the current financial year.

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