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KFC goes retro as it returns to original tag line!

KFC goes Retro, if you may.

KFC goes retro as it returns to original tag line!

Lost? Let me put you out of misery.

This means their popular slogan ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!” is making a return. COLN_PRT_125X1_KFC_U

To augment that a new TV advert will flight tonight as well.

“The ad features a full adult size themed play park, created at Church Square in Cape Town, where families are enjoying a picnic with fun games and fairground entertainment, including roundabouts and hopscotch.

“KFC knows that “*It’s Finger Lickin Good!*” resonates with our customers, and the licking of fingers after a great meal is a habit for many SouthAfricans,” says chief marketing officer Africa, Mike Middleton.

In 2012 KFC changed their tagline to “So Good” encompassing the delicious new product offerings and ranges available on the menu that were new for KFC.

Earlier this year the company was in the press for all wrong reasons. Past tagline, if you may. Karma perhaps?

Also be in the lookout for many prizes and vouchers being given away.

It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!” back moments or kanjani?

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