Kgosi Maubane lauds Samsung!

The SPIS is a solar-powered, mobile and completely independent classroom geared towards increasing accessibility to education and connectivity in schools with limited infrastructure.

The school is a 12 metre long, repurposed shipping container that can house up to 21 students. Other schools will be equipped with a 50-inch electronic board, Internet-enabled Tablets, Samsung Netbooks and Wi-Fi cameras, all of which are powered by a solar panelled roof that generates electricity for up to nine hours per day.

Development of rural areas is of paramount chief to the sustainability and well-being of the country and such initiatives; helps to show and indicate to learners that it is possible, despite the hardships they face or the background they come from.

The involvement of Local Traditionals in remote areas has the capacity to initiate such projects with international brands such as Samsung; to make them a reality.   

Over the years Samsung has engaged with various traditional leaders to bring together initiatives to better the lives of the communities in areas which it operates.

Every Friday, each school in the area of Maubane will receive the donation according to the Public Relations company Epic Communication spokesperson Debora Siyaya.

Chairperson of National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL), and Local Traditional council leader Kgosi Pontsho Maubane says: “We as the people of Maubane are excited about this great initiative in partnership with Samsung. The fact that they are giving of themselves is indicative of their commitment to rural development.

We can now rest assured that our kids will no longer wonder the streets and will be out of harm’s way thanks to the SPIS that has been provided to us to educate our community.

Samsung’s programme to invest in areas that are under-serviced, contributes to the upliftment of communities and aid in equipping the locals with skills they would otherwise not have been afforded.”

“The SPIS programme forms part of Samsung’s global Hope for Children initiative, which has an ambitious goal to directly impact the lives of 5 million Africans by 2015, through education or medical support.

“Samsung aims for young people across the world to enjoy new learning possibilities through collaborative programmes. Furthermore, we are privileged to be working with traditional leaders in the North West as part of Samsung’s strategy to provide an educational solution and accelerate rural development,” says Dr Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung SA.

“Samsung believes that quality education should be available and accessible to all. Through key partnerships, we plan to have successful rollouts of additional SPIS classrooms nationwide,” says Dr Potgieter.

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