King Korn to SA is what Yvonne and Amanda to entertainment industry

Though the answer to the above may seem or sound improper, try fitting the legendary musician, ambassador and philanthropist Yvonne Chaka-Chaka and awarding winner Amanda Black and add a classical green and yellow King Korn (heritage drink) aha therein lies the answer.

All this went down recently as King Korn commemorated rich cultural history through the recreation of songs and a music video, courtesy of mentioned artists.

“King Korn couldn’t think of a more powerful song and collaboration that reflects the brand, brings people together, speaks to heritage and celebrates what makes King Korn truly and uniquely South African. King Korn hopes to contribute to the spirit of celebration during the upcoming festive season in a safe and positive manner,” read a statement.

Adhering to strict Covid-19 regulations, the intimate affair enjoyed the popular and yester-song ‘Umqombothi’ thanks to sis Yvonne. So hyped was the song that one of Kaizer Chiefs striker Albert Byalwa was nicknamed ‘Umqombothi’ for his deadly finishing when facing goal-posts.

As guests sipped and enjoyed the King Korn served chill in calabash- one could not wonder but relish on the displayed and rustic, vintage interior, splashed with modern décor, styled in the classic green and yellow colours of the traditional beer.

Both sis Yvonne and Amanda -clad in African regalia -agreed in unison that the only way to preserve our cultures is to respect, honour and follow it, “for it our children will prosper”.

Bongo Maffin member and presenter Stoan Seate hosted the evening proceedings and recited a Setswana poet that was preceded by a cultural dance from UDUMO, so did Zamoh Cofi, who also recited a gripping poem around African sentiments and the beauty of our ancestral backgrounds.

The classical King Korn is back though it never disappeared from our gatherings, family bereavements or any significant ceremony.

Image (Amanda Black, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka and a guest at the event held at Thunder Walker restaurant in Jozi).

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