Largest Gold producer not budgin'

“Clearly at this stage we will not entertain any of that. We have a two year wage deal that expires on the 30th of June next year and as far as I am concerned that’s it,” Nick Holland told Reuters Insider on Tuesday.

Gold Fields’ KDC West operations in South Africa have been halted by an illegal strike since September 10.

Meanwhile, the Lonmin strike could be averted as soon as this week.

This follows reports that, the mine management and the workers representatives be could singing from the same page with regard to the wage offer the management tabled in the region of R11, 000 instead of initial R12, 500.

Marikana has been in the news following the death of 45 mine strikers, which brought the country and the world to an abrupt stand-still.

Yesterday, the ex-ANCYL President Julius Malema had to be escorted outside the Lonmin grounds by heavily armed police, having been warned not to address the miners.

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