Local chicken outnumbers rivals!

The new Hungry Lion integrated campaign, comprising a new TV and radio commercial, digital, PR and on the ground activations, which promise to ‘give Mzansi more’, have seen the Hungry Lion brand quickly winning with SA and Africa consumers and becoming a fast food favourite.
“We achieved the 37% increase in engagement in the first three weeks of our campaign and the level of redemption on vouchers via digital channels has been way above industry benchmarks,” says Tashalene Reid, Marketing Manager at Hungry Lion, a Shoprite Holdings company.
She also attributes the increase in sales to Hungry Lion’s new brand image, refurbished outlets, its proudly South African heritage and a great product in the form of bigger portions of great tasting chicken served up in the brand’s visually appealing branded buckets.

“Our Pride Bucket has been iconic to our stores for more than 12 years, so it remains at the centre of our new brand campaign,” she adds.

The campaign is a follow-up from our first engaging TV commercial, which saw the Pride Buckets being flown in by helicopter into the metropolis and promising Mzansi More.

“We then built on this story by bringing the buckets to life by using an on-the-ground mechanic in the form of 50 Lucky Bucket mascots who have been promoting the R7-million ‘spot a lucky bucket’ competition throughout South Africa in a fun and engaging way. To date, they have been seen climbing Table Mountain, riding on trains, touring the city, surfing and visiting iconic areas all over South Africa.”
Reid explains that this particular campaign is a first for South Africa in terms of utilising these various touchpoints and in terms of integration, we have seen over 700,000 digital WiCodes already being issued within the first four weeks.

“It has included pushing social media limits and digital interaction via mobile devices to include WeChat, VoucherCloud and Mxit as a mechanic for our market, providing a perfect platform for live interaction for all of South Africa and enabling both feature and smartphone users the opportunity to participate,” she adds.

According to SocialBaker’s latest social media report, the Hungry Lion brand has seen a 155% increase in engagement on their social channels alone, overtaking Nike Sportswear.

Hungry Lion, launched in 1997 by the Shoprite Holdings Ltd Group, has seen a rapid growth trajectory by extending its footprint and now has a network of more than 160 stores in Africa and South Africa with operations in eight African countries.

Over the past two years, the brand has undergone major changes to its management, brand, stores and menu in order to achieve its goal of being a first-world Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

“We have had to restrategise, reformulate and rebrand our stores to make this a reality,” says Reid.

“Our goal is to provide all communities in Africa with tasty chicken in a first-world environment at competitive prices, whilst staying true to our 100% homegrown SA offering,” she adds.

“The stores now boast a world-class design with ample seating and an inescapable focus on providing great chicken products in order to bring to life our brand vision in very diverse areas in South Africa.”

Hungry Lion, which serves over a million customers per month across SA and Africa, prides itself on offering ‘MORE’ for every man, woman and child across Mzansi (South Africa and Africa) with the stores and menu being crafted for people who want more and for lovers of king-sized chicken.

“It has taken us two years of planning, new brand implementation and roll-out for us to be ready to market the brand and the success over the last month is testament that South Africans are responding well to the new brand,” she concludes.

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