Lundi divides church in Soweto!

Trouble apparently started when the 36-year-old Tyamara was booked by Reverend Fats Montsho – the church overseer – to be the crowd-puller when the church’s choir launches its CD.

According to a source who preferred not to be named, when the choir members heard that Tyamara was going to be paid, they called a meeting on Monday and demanded that Montsho pay them as well.

The source said the choir also accused Montsho of using them for his personal enrichment.

“On Monday the church choir had a meeting with the reverend where they made it clear that they were not going to take part if they were not paid.

“Posters advertising the event – scheduled to take place on September 29 – were removed overnight by unknown people,” the source said.

Montsho confirmed the incident and said the choir’s complaint was not justified because he was trying to help them.

He said he had decided to cancel the CD launch.

“I have also instructed the people who recorded the CD to delete it. We have scrapped the whole thing because the choir is misbehaving and ungrateful,” Montsho said.

Choir leader Peggy Ndabeni confirmed that the CD launch had been cancelled because “there were a lot of disagreements, including Tyamara’s scheduled performance”.

Tyamara’s manager, Tshepo Nzimande, said the artist’s legions of loyal fans were hugely disappointed after they were informed, via Facebook, that the CD launch had been cancelled.

“We are very disappointed because we were expecting the church to sort out this issue.

“This whole thing shows that a lot of people have no clue of how the music industry works,” Nzimande said.

“It is a great disappointment to Lundi’s loyal fans and to the company because the CD launch was going to be a platform to show that Tyamara is back at his best and dedicated to his career.”

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