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Malcom X. What were his assertions and what he stood for?

The revolutionary Malcomn X, speaking with his usual biting eloquence, makes this point about house negroes: “The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master’s second-hand clothes. He ate food that his master left on the table. And he lived in his master’s house – probably in the basement or the attic – but he still lived in the master’s house.”

Malcom X. What were his assertions and what he stood for?

Our Columnist Maruping Phepheng, asserts what Malcom X stood for and his aspirations.

Here, this unapologetic black soul breaks down for all to see the maddening nexus between an empty shell of a black man who rages like hell on steroids to escape blackness in order to become one with his everything, to become one with his master and dear aspiration: the white man.

These words he uttered in Michigan back in 1963 when he addressed “The Race Problem.”

Decades later, what do we have? Before we go there, let me allow Lucius Gantt to accentuate the point a bit further. “The House Negroes did anything and everything their masters ordered them to do. The House Negroes chastised the Field Negroes, spied on the Field Negroes, snitched on the Field Negroes, even whipped and beat the Field Negroes if the master told them to do that.”

Well, what we have now is bad news, and then some more. If you are associated with the white man to a point where you no longer see yourself as black, or to a point where you see yourself as one fit to protect your master against the scourge of blackness, then you are already burning in hell, for it does not matter how hard you try, you are black and subhuman and the sooner you smell the race, the sooner you will help us all- black and white, to challenge the racist demon head on.

On the main, the so called middle class, the ones who are actually the lumpenproletariat among us, are quick to distance themselves from, and even condemn black workers fighting for next to nothing in order to buy rice.

They, the satanic lumpenproletariat, sit in their air conditioned offices with their white masters discussing how other blacks are rascals and stupid, hell bent on disrupting a thriving economy.

Thriving economy that benefits who, house negro? You? Really? You are white now, homie? You own the plantation now? You own the means of production? Of course you don’t!

You know you are black and yet you aspire for the unachievable whiteness. You delude yourself that self-hate will one day morph into self-love coated nicely in whiteness. Well, that’s phantasm!

But then again if you, say, left the white DA-a predominantly white political outfit, where would they go? The ANC? Perhaps.

But let’s look at the ANC for one quick second. Twenty years down the line and blacks are still in shacks and whites in heavenly Sandton. Oops!

Those were two very long seconds!

I, in conclusion have one simple question for you: who in today’s politics represents the one great threat against both white supremacy and black inferiority?

Which party’s politics has a chance at driving us all to a classless, human society?

Did I hear you say the EFF? Yeah?

Before you accuse me of influencing you one way or the other, let me wrap up by quoting Dylan Teague McDonald: “If you’ve never really been exposed to Malcolm, take that first step. Tomorrow, take another. Educate yourself as Malcolm educated himself. Come to your own conclusions, and don’t accept anyone else’s.”

So please, do conclude for yourself and leave me out of it.

(Maruping Phepheng is author of “What Happens In Hankaroo…” and “Of Angerand Revenge.” You can follow him on Twitter @TheDukeP)

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