Mokoka wins 2013 BestMed Tuks Marathon yet again!

“This is my third time competing in the Bestmed Tuks Race. I have won the 10km race previously and again I came out top this year in the 21km,” says Mokoka, Bestmed Tuks Race 21km second year champion.

Irvette van Zyl, the winner of the 2012 Spar 10km women’s race claimed her first Bestmed Tuks Race 2013 21km championship and aims to add to this achievement by winning more races this year.

Van Zyl crossed the finishing line in 77 minutes.

“It was a competitive race and I knew that the participants worked hard in training for this event. For me, today’s race was not about breaking the record, but rather about building my on my mileages in preparation for the upcoming marathon in April,” says the thrilled Van Zyl.

“We’d like to congratulate all those who participated and completed the various races. The tremendous turnout demonstrates the growing awareness of the importance to keep active to lead a healthy life. Our sponsorship is one of the ways that we show our commitment to wellness and preventative healthcare,” says Bestmed’s Executive Head: Sales, Marketing and Distribution, Alan Fritz.

The 10km runner, Kgotsi Tsosane, broke the record after completing his race in 29.16 minutes. Tsosane who recently won the McCarthy race, said: “This is my first time competing in the Bestmed Tuks Race and I am thrilled that I have set a new record.”

Lebo Phalula who won the 10km in 33.34 minutes commented: “I am glad I have won. The journey doesn’t end here. I am determined to do even better as I prepare for the top 20 world cross country championship in Poland this year.”

Gladwin Mzasi who won last year’s 10km race did not defend his title.

The Bestmed Tuks Race comprised 21km, 10km, 5km and 1km race distances.

Musa Eugene Maluleke won the male 5km race in 16.44 minutes.

Over 13 000 runners, including top athletes and social runners took to the streets of Pretoria on Saturday morning. Among the social participants were Olympic athlete, LJ Van Zyl who completed the 5km race, Professor de la Rey who participated in the 10km race and Alan Fritz of Bestmed who walked 5km.

“We are grateful to Bestmed for their sponsorship of this event over the last three years, as their involvement has enabled this race to become one of South Africa’s sought after road running events, and we look forward to an even  better race next year” says Professor Gloudien Spies of University of Pretoria.

According to Fritz, next years’ preparations are afoot to make it more memorable and attractive to other athletes from different states.


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