Motorists worldwide to benefit from new Castrol MAGNATEC lubricants

“CASTROL MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology sets a new standard in engine lubrication, ensuring that your vehicle’s engine is protected everytime you start your car. It is the result of extensive research and development, solidifying Castrol’s commitment to innovation and delivering performance to motorists worldwide,” says Jennifer Heyes, Castrol Marketing Director, Africa.

Heyes and team at Castrol launched the ‘highly anticipated’ Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology, which is now available in Africa and “promises to transform its consumer’s driving experience by providing nonstop protection at every start”.

“Castol has consistently set the standard, earning the trust and recommendation of mechanics in the industry. It is the result of extensive research and development, solidifying Castrol’s commitment to innovation and delivering performance to motorists worldwide.”

The new product’s technology helps to significantly reduce engine wear and tear by up to 50% during the critical startup phase.

Further, the product was formulated based on modern day traffic conditions, in which the average driver can stop and start as many as 18 000 times a year and spend up to a third of the journey time idling, placing up to 66% more load on critical engine parts as compared to driving on the open road.

The ‘Can of the Best’ campaign – with the Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology released to celebrate the campaign’s twentieth anniversary – further entrenches Castrol as “the leading partner for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike”.

Melanie van Stratten, Country Manager for Castrol, went down memory lane by attesting that her father, who was a mechanic, taught her on the dos and dont’s of fixing cars and using appropriate lubricant at the age of 17.

“For me, personally this this means a lot having achieved a milestone for the company, as a brand, that carries so much to the world considering where I come from, as young person,” she said.

This brand resonates passion for our customers and the MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology launch means we do care for our clients and their cars- be it latest or antics, pointed out Van Stratten, who was clad in red-sneakers and all- black attire as part of brand conscience.

As a global leader in automotive- Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology embodies the brand’s “pioneering spirit, combining cutting-edge innovation with a sleek design”.

The new lubricant actively responds to temperature variations, providing protection under all driving conditions, and across various terrains.

The launch held at the swanky Houghton Hotel, also went nostalgic in the form of previous ambassadors and legends Boet & Swart, famous for the Castrol Ad in the past, who handed over the baton to two ‘newbies’ who’s new Ad was also flighted.  

Top image SLM (High fives. Melanie van Stratten, Country Manager for Castrol at the launch. She’s seen in the back with Castrol legends Boet & Swart, two new ambassadors and Jennifer Heyes, Castrol Marketing Director, Africa).

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