New Balance Run Your Way speaks to you as a person- live a healthy lifestyle

RUN YOUR Way campaign seeks to instil healthy living.

The Global Running Day took place on June 7, but in mzansi runners or anyone can come join at Croft & Co, Parkview for the New Balance Run Your Way campaign, once a month.

Through Run Your Way, New Balance hopes to promote an inclusive, positive, and uplifting running environment for all – no matter how you run. Opening doors to the running community and showing we are all a part of a wider spectrum of people who run, whether we’re running a marathon in under 3 hours or getting 5 km in before work. 

Runners will also get the opportunity to trial the latest New Balance running shoe innovations alongside the New Balance ambassadors.

Participating attendees will earn loyalty points through an app and receive a free coffee or earn rewards for running your way.

“As a hub for local runners, Croft & Co is as much about brewing great coffee and serving delicious food as it is about the connection with the community and the desire to delight its customers. Through the collaboration with Croft & Co, New Balance hopes to draw stronger connections between elite runners and the everyday runner, showcasing that everyone has a different journey and that there’s no such thing as a “traditional runner”.

“We have a strong sense of community and there will always be someone to welcome you with a smile. Collaborating with New Balance allows us to expand our community of runners and welcome new runners with open arms but also just providing a safe environment for new runners to start their running journey,” says owner of Croft & Co, Grant Ravenscroft.

Every race and every step is a journey, so matter where your feet take you or how they get you there, New Balance will be there to provide you with the comfortable, supportive and long-lasting ride you demand. 

“No matter how you run regardless of your pace, style, habits, routines or motivations, we are promoting an inclusive, positive, and uplifting running environment for all by supporting and celebrating runners at any level.

Through this partnership we hope that people pay less attention to the how or why and just enjoy the benefits that running can bring,” says Craig Bowen, New Balance Country Manager.

With stress levels growing everyday one needs to sweat time and again or to beat obese or improve your timing as Comrades Marathon is only hours from taking place in KZN.

I guess the campaign will also advise a wannabe-runner on what kind of shoes to wear or use when jogging, amongst others.

So, for the next six months, join New Balance at Croft & Co, Parkview to Run Your Way.

For more information visit @NewBalance_SA on Twitter.

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